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Railz lets you access real-time accounting data from all the most popular accounting platforms, including Xero. Its API-as-a-service model enables on-demand access to financial transactions, analytics, insights and reports from your customers. If the payment fails to export, the accounting link cannot remove the finance charge invoice from Xero.

How do I import data into Xero?

  1. Open the Conversion Toolbox, then click Ready to connect to Xero.
  2. Click Allow access, then select the client organisation.
  3. Click Import Bank Transactions.
  4. Click For more information on what this tool does, please click here.
  5. Click the link in the second sentence to download the template.

Don’t forget to make an expense account in Xero for payment processing fees, transaction fees, and marketplace fees. Greenback generates ancillary transactions for “netted out” fees and deductions from bank deposits if there aren’t any so that you can reconcile your operating costs. Having access to live data is critical when it comes to accounting.

Using Causal instead of Excel

This export routine is available only for Australian WorkflowMax accounts that have the Xero interface enabled. Use these instructions to push the total weekly hours worked for each employee in WorkflowMax across into your Xero payroll. If you wish to re-export a https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ Sales transaction, click on the arrow icon “Re-export Transaction to Accounting System”. Greenback will recognize it and suggest updating the existing transaction on the next screen . If it was deleted or voided in Xero, it will be treated like an initial export.

By doing so, our tool eliminates the need to manually export and import data and frees up time so that finance professionals can dedicate it to more important tasks. A “Matched Sale” is when Greenback recognizes one or more transactions that exist in Xero. If you select “Update Matched Sale”, the existing transaction will be updated in Xero after completing the next 2 steps. On a matched sale export, Greenback updates and enhances the existing transaction with additional details and attaches the original receipt . You can safely export knowing that an update will not cause a duplicate in Xero.

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You need to manually void the finance charge invoice in Xero or you cannot re-post the payment. You need to first modify the invoice and change the invoice number. For example, if the current invoice number is ‘FC123’ then change it to ‘FC123-void’.

  • When you export an Expense from Greenback to Xero, each type will map to an expense transaction in Xero.
  • Greenback will display a unique “Bank Transaction” entry for every bank account in Xero.
  • The “Customer to Bill” field is for assigning a Billable Expense to a customer.
  • The “Type + Account” field is Greenback’s way of representing two concepts in one field.
  • Click this option to include a reference to the invoice contact.

When a document has been exported as a Purchase Invoice first, then switched to Sales and re-exported again as a Sales Invoice. This could be caused by slow connection with Xero. Please open your folder, click on the arrow next to “Export to Xero”, click “Disconnect Xero”. Then click on the same arrow and click “Connect your accounting”, connect your Xero organisation again. However, you should first check why you have the same invoice number on two different invoices. Even though you have encountered this error, the invoice is likely already in Xero.

Import History

Greenback refreshes your settings from Xero to ensure everything is up to date. Detailed Headcount ModelUnderstand the breakdown of your headcount and payroll costs by Department (Sales, Engineering, Export To Xero etc.) and plan your future hires. B2B SaaS RevenueForecast your inbound and outbound leads to determine revenue, and understand what kind of sales funnel you need to hit your revenue targets.

Export To Xero

To learn how to set up which transactions export to Xero, see Adjust Xero export options. Connect to Xero and select the date range you wish to export as per exporting invoices. Select the date range that you wish to export and click Load Data. You will see all of the invoices that have had activity within this date range . You will need to upgrade your plan with Xero to enable the export of Approved invoices and payments.

How to create Xero GL Export reporting template?

Not all stores/seller platforms track your receipts the same way. It could be by login ID, account, payment method, loyalty card, etc. Here are some tips on how to switch ON your receipt data. It represents both the type of transaction to create and which account it was paid with. Depending on how you have your Chart of Accounts set up in Xero, you may see “Bill”, “Bill + Payment”, and “Bank Transaction” types.

Export To Xero